I started CONCHUS to inspire change...

I loved science at school. I was fascinated with how the body works, how amazing and complex it is, how life is created and how we grow, and develop. And i'm still fascinated by science, and how the natural chemistry of various plant butters, oils, clays, salts and botanicals, and their powerful vitamins, minerals and trace elements interact and enrich our body.

The more i've learnt about our body, the more i've learnt that if we upset and interfere with the harmony of processes, and introduce ingredients that have been created synthetically, our body will struggle.

And i've learnt that if we interfere with the harmony of the environment, and upset the balance of the climate, it will struggle. And it is struggling. With irreversible damage.

So I started CONCHUS to inspire and promote positive choices, and created products that would help people to be more kind to their body, and more kind to the beautiful World that we live in.

Over 3 years ago, a hobby started at my kitchen table. Something that was initially just to help my family turn our heavily plastic bottled filled bathroom to being plastic free. Something that made me wake up to the impact the unpronounceable ingredients have on our bodies, and to cleanse and care for our skin with truly natural ingredients. I decided that CONCHUS could inspire people to do the same. With products that would perform just as well (if not better) than the mainstream, to simply life and reduce people's waste, with ingredients that are luxurious, and to put self care first and the environment first.

While keeping it affordable to use every day :)

Handmade from Raw Ingredients in Devon

I have tirelessly researched and studied every ingredient for every product that I have developed. It can take me many weeks to many months, to consistently tweak and change a product, ensuring it's absolutely perfect before I release it to customers.

I have also designed every label or sticker or leaflet myself, so that the personal handmade touch is felt through everything at CONCHUS.