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You might have seen we mentioned recently that we're relocating to the beautiful county of Devon 🌊

And part of this exciting new adventure includes a CONCHUS STUDIO!!!

Honestly we can’t believe that in a few weeks, CONCHUS will have it’s own space - and our family is very relieved that we’ll be able to use our kitchen table again 😄

The studio will give us so much more space to create and store our goodies.

It means we'll be able to make sure items are always in stock.

It will allow us to expand our range of natural soaps and skincare.

AND it will massively help us personally! We've struggled for some time, keeping up with your incredible demand, while our home has gradually been engulfed by CONCHUS, and we pack orders in a space that’s less than 1m x 1m. It has been incredibly stressful at times.

The CONCHUS STUDIO will be light and airy, and fitted out with everything we'll need to take our little business into the next chapter 💚

It still doesn’t feel real that we'll actually be going to work again, and leaving the house 🙌🏼

We've purposely chosen a STUDIO over a large unit / warehouse. I want CONCHUS to always be about me, and I always want to have a personal connection with every product I make, and every customer who orders from me, so this STUDIO will ensure that I always remain small batch, and I always create items with all my personal love and care :)


I've been overwhelmed by our customers over the last 2 years, and many of you i've developed a really personal relationship with. I support you all with help and advice, and give generously to charities, organisations and individuals who need some love and support.

So if you can, and if you'd like to support us with this next chapter, i'd LOVE you to make a pledge to CONCHUS and help us grow :)

Be part of my dream...

Below are some donation options, and to show you how thankful we are, we've collaborated with another woman-run small business to create these *limited edition* friendship bracelets. It's a token of our gratitude, and something you can wear on your wrist or ankle, and know you're our friend :)

These friendship bracelets are all made by hand, using 100% cotton, in small batches with love and care from start to finish. Plus it means we also support another hard working girlie in business :)

Celebrate our 2ND BIRTHDAY with us, and enjoy the delicate summer vibe from our PEACH TEA goodies :)

They are supplied on a 100% recycled pulp card, that it printed with eco inks, and is fully recyclable.

NOTE: If you place a donation to us (thank you so much in advance!), you will receive ONE bracelet regardless of the donation amount. It's one bracelet per donation. If you would like to receive multiple bracelets, please add multiples of this product to your order (e.g. 3x 15.00 donation products in your basket - you will receive 3 bracelets, however 1x 30.00 donation products in your basket - you will receive 1 bracelet).


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