*SECONDS* Organic Cotton & Bamboo Cosmetic Pads

These are *SECONDS* that are perfectly usable, but their stitching hasn't quite made the grade. Enjoy these great reusable cosmetic pads with a little price perk! Only 10 available!

Handmade, organic cotton and organic bamboo cosmetic pads.

These gorgeously soft pads are the perfect swap for your every day cotton wool pads.

They are incredibly gentle and perfect for removing make up, applying cleanser or toner, or for any other purpose that you might use a cotton wool pad for.

One side is super soft bamboo towelling, and the other is gentle organic muslin.

You can add these to your order as singles, so they are priced individually. Add as many as you feel you need, however popular quantities are 5's and 10's for regular / every day use.

They are made in Wales by a small team of girlies, all by hand, and are finished with contrasting mint thread for the perfect CONCHUS touch :)

We also now stock a cute little organic cotton bag that is perfect to store / travel with your cosmetic pads - you can order this separately here.

They're also super simple to care for! Simply wash them in your normal laundry load and leave to dry naturally.

They will last a long time, but if you ever feel like your pads have come to the end of their life, you can simply cut them up and add to your compost bin.

Approx 3" diameter.


100% organic cotton muslin

100% organic bamboo

Made by hand exclusively for CONCHUS by Tabitha Eve.

3" diameter approx (sizes may vary slightly)

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