Organic Bamboo Flannel


Handmade, organic cotton and organic bamboo flannel.

This silky soft flannel is the perfect every day bathroom accessory for the whole family.

It is incredibly gentle and great for all over body washing, and we especially love it as part of our steaming facial oil cleanse routine (using our Miracle Light Oil). The super soft bamboo towelling is also perfect for washing the delicate skin of babies and children.

It is made in Wales by a small team of girlies, all by hand, and is finished with either a beige-grey trim or white trim and contrasting mint thread, for the perfect CONCHUS touch :)

They're also super simple to care for! Simply wash them in your normal laundry load and leave to dry naturally. Organic bamboo is also naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial.

They will last a long time, but if you ever feel like your flannel have come to the end of it's life, you can simply cut it up and add to your compost bin.

Approx 11"x 11"


100% organic cotton binding

100% organic bamboo towelling

Made by hand exclusively for CONCHUS by Tabitha Eve.

11"x 11" approx (sizes may vary slightly)

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