Sponsor Some Socks

Do you own socks? 🧦

How many pairs? Enough for a clean pair every day for a week? More? Less?

Can you imagine not having socks? And beyond that, living outside, in the winter, in the cold, in the wet, without socks - can you imagine that? 😥

This winter I’m volunteering at The Winter Night Shelter in Milton Keynes ✨

It offers a safe, warm overnight stay indoors, plus a hot meal, hot drinks, and breakfasts to start the next day for local homeless people ☺️

There are a lot of things that homeless people need, but an item that is always in short supply and and are greatly needed, are a humble pair of socks 🧦

So I’ve decided to provide (with your help) as many pairs of socks as I can to the homeless people The Winter Night Shelter supports 👍🏼

This ‘sponsor some socks’ product will buy someone a pair of good quality, thermal socks 👍🏼

They have no P&P on them (as you won’t receive them), so please pop a pair or two on your order, or you can just order the socks on their own, and I’ll add them to the ones already ordered 😊

I’ll add up the total number of socks sponsored at the end of each month, and then place an order that I will donate that same month.

The Winter Night Shelter runs until March, so I’ll do December, January, February and March donations of socks 🧦

I know you guys will get behind me on this, and help make a difference to someone in a situation of great need this winter, because you are such an amazing, generous, kind bunch of people 😘

Thank you so much, and in a World where you can be anything, be kind 💖

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